Earning money with the Iherb reward program

HOW TO EARN with iHerb reward credit

In this article I want to tell you how with the help of iHerb you can not only buy high-quality, natural products, cosmetics, vitamins, dietary supplements, etc., but how you can earn money using this platform for subsequent purchases or withdraw funds to your bank card.

Let's start from the very beginning and figure it out on the shelves:

For convenient work with the iHerb website, download the application, register for all the site requirements, carefully and correctly filling in each specified field so that all user data match, for further correct work with iHerb.

Next, collect the goods that you need, or that have long wanted to try, make a minimum order according to the tariffs of your country. For free delivery, the order must be from 40 US dollars, each country has its own restrictions on the amount of the order for free shipping. If the amount is less than $ 40, then you will have to pay for shipping, in the amount indicated by your delivery service.

After placing your order, you will be given your special referral code - the key to your earnings.

Earning money with the Iherb reward program


How does the IHerb reward system work? It's very simple if you adhere to all the rules indicated on the site, read them carefully. Here I will tell you the most important mistakes made by users of a referral code who want to make money easily, but it is not so simple, and so, what should be done, where to place the code in order to earn real money.

You have an iHerb referral code. You can share this code with your relatives, acquaintances, and friends.

IMPORTANT! You can post the code only on your social networks. You can create your blog with your code, and share useful information with people.

How it work? You share your referral code, people who want to place an order in iHerb, using your code, receive discounts on the order, you, in turn, receive money for each order in the form of rewards. If a new iHerb user uses your code, he gets a $ 5 discount on the first order, if this order consists of products from IHerb, the user gets 10% of the order amount.

What do you get? You receive from new users, regardless of the order amount, 5 dollars in rewards, if the user has already made purchases and used your referral code, in this case you will receive 5% of the order amount. In this way, the more people will use your discount code, the more cash rewards you will receive.

Earning money with the Iherb reward program


In order to withdraw money to your bank card, you need to accumulate $ 100 in rewards. Then activate the account in the iherb program. Hyperwallet, enter all the details and the bank account where you want to receive rewards. Wait for activation, you will receive a notification to your mail, after which you can withdraw your money in the iHerb application. Payments to the card come within 14 working days. Then you can dispose of your earned rewards as you like, withdraw to the card every $ 100 or pay for your orders in iHerb.


You need to use the code exclusively according to the rules of the site. You can not place a referral code on paid platforms, you can not do paid advertising of your code, do not place your code on sites to promote the code, use only one code per family. If these rules are violated, iHerb will block your account, and all rewards you earn will simply be debited. If you do everything according to the rules, keep your blog honestly, post the code exclusively on your social networks and you still get into the block, this is all possible to prove and return rewards. In this case, you need to contact the support service, provide screenshots of your social networks or the blog in which the code is posted. IHerb will check all the information you provide and give you back access.

Dear beds of our blog, use the information, earn money, make useful purchases and this is all thanks to iHerb.